About IDP Azerbaijan

Our counselors have years of experience with the application and visa process to ensure that your dream to study in Canada comes true!

IDP Azerbaijan student services include:

  • Course selection
  • University/College selection
  • Application submission
  • Offer acceptance
  • Visa counselling
  • Tuition fee payment
  • Pre Departure preparation


Our service delivery standards ensure that each student receives a personal counselor for the entire process from counseling to enrollment!

Your counselor will represent the Canadian higher education institutions accurately, speak your local language and work with you and your family to help you make the right education choice to achieve your goals.

IDP has strong relationships with its Canadian client institutions. This will translate to efficient processing of student applications and ensuring that our counselors are updated with the latest information and changes at the institution.

IDP has a corporate policy of honesty and transparency in dealing with institutions and students who entrust their future to us. IDP’s 40-year-old reputation is based on friendly, courteous advice and service, and the provision of efficient and timely application processing in accordance with strict university and government compliance guidelines.

Would you like to be better placed?

To meet your personal IDP education counsellor, contact your nearest IDP office (contact list link) or click here (enquiry form).

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Student Services

  • Counselling

    The best advices on courses and exams.


  • Visa process

    The professional help on obtaining the visa. More...

  • Pre departure

    Briefing on what to expect during your stay. More...